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Site Title : Moksha Mantra - Life, Wellness & Self Healing -OUR Beliefs and Perceptions.

Site Description : Moksha Mantra talks about our beliefs and perceptions on topics like Life, Wellness & Self Healing. A few topics we cover are movement, prana breath, Indian kitchen, mindfulness, yoga, meditation, chakra balancing, pranayama and related classes, centres, healing guides.

The Story of 9 Emotions of Navarasas – Moksha Mantra

Link: https://www.mokshamantra.com/story-of-9-emotions-of-navarasas/

FREERaag Durbari is said to have been created by the legendary singer Tansen to ease the pressure off the minds of Akbar in the evening after a hectic day in the court. I would also suggest people to attend traditional dance performances or, if possible, attend a few workshops on how deeply ancient India understood the science of 9 emotions of ... ... See Details

Chakra Meditation is Mind Management - Moksha Mantra

Link: https://www.mokshamantra.com/chakra-meditation-mind-management/

FREEFollow to set procedure, if you starting off… To really benefit from Chakra Meditation, one must follow the specified procedure, a procedure personalized for your mind-body needs. Incorrect procedure or inappropriate method can disturb the balance of Chakra, leading to physical illness or some psychological complication. ... See Details

Health Benefits of Ridge Gourd ‘Tori, Torai’ – Moksha Mantra

Link: https://www.mokshamantra.com/health-benefits-of-ridge-gourd-tori-torai/

FREE1/ 5. Enhances vision. 1. The large amounts of vitamin A found in ridge gourd, in the form of beta carotene helps in enhancing eyesight even at an older age. 2. The beta carotene is an important antioxidant that rids the optic nerves and visual blood vessels of toxins hence, shielding the eyes from harmful free radicals. 3. ... See Details

Desi Ghee – An analysis of its properties, benefits and usage

Link: https://www.mokshamantra.com/desi-ghee-properties-benefits-usage/

FREEThis paste can be applied to face and then washed off after 20 minutes or so. Ghee has moisturisers which help is taking care of multiple skin issues. It prevents the peeling of skin and prevents its dehydration. Besides providing a youthful glow it also prevents anti-microbial infections. Its anti-bacterial properties also help in preventing ... ... See Details

Mindfulness is Meditation in Daily Life… Everyday Living

Link: https://www.mokshamantra.com/mindfulness-in-daily-life/

FREETry to do one thing at a time, and do it with completion. 5/23. Minimise external distractions. 6/23. Prepare yourself bodily and mentally… every morning. 7/23. Try to wiggle your toes. 8/23. Sitting meditation as mat simulation for mindfulness in daily life. ... See Details

Stress Management: Ways to manage and eliminate stress

Link: https://www.mokshamantra.com/stress-management-manage-reduce-eliminate-stress/

FREEStress management techniques: The ways to manage, reduce, eliminate… The key to stress management is to keep re-conditioning and to keep shifting the Brain Set Point by working on the voluntary personal actions and fulfillments.. Please remember that coping with stress in a healthy manner and keeping it under control is a long term commitment. ... See Details

Home remedies for Dandruff – Moksha Mantra

Link: https://www.mokshamantra.com/home-remedies-dandruff/

FREEFenugreek seeds are high in proteins and amino acids that encourage hair growth and wards off dandruff. The anti-fungal property of fenugreek too, is responsible in controlling dandruff. 1. Two to three tablespoons of fenugreek seeds are soaked in water overnight. In the morning, grind them into a fine paste. ... See Details

Health Benefits of Yam ‘Jimikand’ – Moksha Mantra

Link: https://www.mokshamantra.com/health-benefits-of-yam-jimikand/

FREEBenefits the skin. 1. Yam contains ‘Isoflavones’, which fight various skin problems like pigmentation, the roughness of skin, and sagging. 2. Antioxidants and vitamin C present in yam slow down the ageing process. 3. The allantoin content stimulates the healing process of the skin. 5/ 5. Other possible Benefits. ... See Details

Singhara Atta 'Water Chestnut Flour' Health Benefits and …

Link: https://www.mokshamantra.com/singhara-atta-water-chestnut-flour-health-benefits-and-side-effects/

FREESide-effects of Singhara Flour. Singhara flour can cause problems if it is eaten in large quantities…. 1/3. It can lead to bloating and flatulence. 2/3. It can even lead to nausea and vomiting if ingested in large quantities. 3/3. It is not recommended to be eaten by people who are hypotensive (low blood pressure). ... See Details

Health Benefits of Grapes (Angoor) – Moksha Mantra

Link: https://www.mokshamantra.com/health-benefits-of-grapes-angoor/

FREEBoosts bone health. 1. Several nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, potassium, and vitamin K present in grapes are vital for bone health. 2. The resveratrol content of grapes enhances bone density. 3. Grapes offer enhanced bone absorption and retention of calcium. 4. Grapes are high on antioxidants which help in ... ... See Details

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