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10 Unforgivable Reasons Why Small Businesses Fail


FREEWhen you understand the reasons why businesses fail, you are better prepared to manage each business challenge. The most common reasons small businesses fail include an inadequate business model, bad management, a lack of capital or … ... See Details

Help A Reporter Out (HARO) Founder Shares His


FREEPeter is an author, entrepreneur, speaker, and worldwide connector. Peter is recognized worldwide for radical new ways of customer service, social media, P.R, marketing and advertising. Peter is best known for founding ‘Help a Reporter Out’ (HARO) which in under a year became the de facto standard for thousands of journalists looking for ... ... See Details

50 Reasons Why Some Businesses Fail While Others …


FREE49 – Disasters do happen – Even though Warren Buffet has a hands-off approach to managing his portfolio of companies. He does require the CEOs of each of his companies to have a one sheet in case of an emergency. The sheet of paper contains information on key aspects of the company. While the one sheet of paper might be overly simplified ... ... See Details

What Are The Best Countries For Opening An Offshore


FREEBelow is a list of six countries, some of which are known as tax havens, where investors can consider opening an offshore company. Belize: a country that offers stability along with a very attractive tax regime or, better said, no taxes for companies. The Belize International Business Company (IBC) is a flexible and advantageous type of company. ... See Details

How to Travel the World While Making $20,000 a Month


FREEBefore they took off on their journey they have started , a website dedicated to document their journey as they travel throughout the world. Their first business income was a $300 advertiser. Last November their revenue was $20,000. Listen and learn from Dave how he makes world travel and business work – Subscribe to our ... ... See Details

What is the most environmentally friendly shopping bag


FREECut off the sleeves, and there are two handholds. Sew the bottom shut, and the bag is complete. Polypropylene Reusable Bags. These thicker plastic bags are the most controversial of the single-use bag alternatives. They are still made from plastic so come from a nonrenewable resource. They can be used several times so meet the bagging standards ... ... See Details

50 Signs You Are Ready to Start a Business


FREEOver the lifetime of your business, you will likely need to hire experts like lawyers or accountants, but to start off, you’re going to need to manage finances on your own, delegate tasks, and pitch to investors if you need funding. A lack of organization could be fatal to your business success. 6. You’re self-reliant. ... See Details

16 Easily Fixable Reasons Your Business Isn’t Growing


FREEThere is a huge difference between a business that stopped growing and a business that never took off. If a business never grew, it is possible that it never sold anything the market wanted to buy. Businesses that succeed realize this early and change. They work with their customers and develop products that sell. ... See Details

Benefits of Sit-Stand Workstations – Business Tips & Advice


FREEThe benefits of sit-stand workstations can help you ward off some of the normal wear and tear on your body caused by sitting too much. If you worry about suffering from the health risks caused by sitting too much then purchasing a sit-stand workstation is an ideal option. ... See Details

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