30 Types of Off-White Color - Simplicable


FREEJan 14, 2020 · Off-white is any color that is very similar to pure white that has a slight tinge of another color. Grayish white colors aren't typically considered off-white. As such, off-white implies a colorfulness that is almost imperceptible depending on lighting conditions and background color. ... See Details

23 Examples of Temporary Change - Simplicable


FREEDec 02, 2021 · An overview of temporary change with examples. Ultimate Fate Ultimate fate is the way that something will end. From a philosophical point of view, it could be argued that many or most changes are temporary. For example, the Big Crunch theory of the ultimate fate of the universe suggests that the universe will eventually return to a state similar to the start of the … ... See Details

23 Types of Training - Simplicable


FREEDec 11, 2015 · 23 Types of Training. Training is the transfer of knowledge and development of abilities that have practical applications. This can be contrasted with education that need not be practical as it may be foundational and exploratory in nature. Training is commonly used to prepare individuals for a profession, role, task, practice, tradition, craft ... ... See Details

9 Examples of Transformational Change - Simplicable


FREEAug 17, 2020 · Spin-off The process of breaking up a company or spinning off a business unit as its own firm. In some cases, this unlocks significant value. In other cases, monopolies are forced to break up by government action. ... See Details

13 Examples of Requirements Risk - Simplicable


FREEJul 24, 2015 · Requirements risk is the potential for losses due to a project's requirements themselves or the requirements management process. Such risks are closely tied to the quality of requirements in that low quality requirements represent a risk to the project. Projects are garbage-in-garbage-out meaning that projects that are based on faulty requirements are likely to face … ... See Details

24 Examples of Play - Simplicable


FREEMar 08, 2019 · For example, jumping off things or climbing a tree. Exploration Exploration of real or imagined environments. For example, imagining that you are exploring a pirate cave that is in fact a closet. Exploration is a common theme of video … ... See Details

110 Examples of Local Issues - Simplicable


FREEJun 11, 2021 · A list of common local issues. Local issues are problems and opportunities that can be actioned at the level of a town, city, state or province. These mostly relate to quality of life and economic opportunity that directly and immediately impact people's lives in a place. The following are common examples of local issues. ... See Details

7 Examples of Assertions - Simplicable


FREEMar 12, 2016 · Assertions can be coded into some program languages such as Java. These are typically used as preconditions and postconditions for a method that can be turned off or on for a runtime environment. Assertions are typically turned on for unit testing to detect defects and are turned off in production to improve reliability and performance. ... See Details

11 Types of Transportation - Simplicable


FREENov 30, 2019 · A list of common types of transport. Transportation is the movement of people, animals and goods from one location to another. This includes transportation by land, air, water, space and other modes such as underground. ... See Details

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