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Site Title : Cloud Object Storage – Amazon S3 – Amazon Web Services

Site Description : Amazon S3 is cloud object storage with industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance. S3 is ideal for data lakes, mobile applications, backup and restore, archival, IoT devices, ML, AI, and analytics.

PPC LANDING PAGES - wordstream-files …

Link: https://wordstream-files-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/s3fs-public/documents/ppc_landing_pages.pdf

FREEpays off — or fails. All too often, however, landing pages go overlooked and/or neglected due to lack of time or expertise. Ponder this question as you progress through this guide: If you could optimize your landing pages and increase your conversion rate even just a little bit, ... See Details


Link: https://wordstream-files-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/s3fs-public/documents/great_landing_pages.pdf

FREEbirth can cause your drop off rate to skyrocket to 50%. The rule of thumb is not to include more than seven fields in your lead gen form. Use color to their advantage. Any Intro to Art student can explain the power of color in swaying human perception. Picasso didn’t go through a blue phase because he was such a happy-go-lucky guy. ... See Details

The Step-by-Step Guide to Google Ads Account Recovery

Link: https://wordstream-files-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/s3fs-public/documents/Google-Ads-Account-Recovery-Guide_0.pdf

FREEbecause it gives you a strong base to work off of while leveraging your historical data, current performance, and maintaining delivery during the ramp-up period. Account structure Your account structure is the core component of your Google Ads foundation—and while ... See Details

Google Shopping 101: Learn How to Build Killer Shopping

Link: https://wordstream-files-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/s3fs-public/documents/google_shopping_101.pdf

FREEDon’t worry: Google won’t suddenly kick your products off the SERP just because you’ve made a couple mistakes across your feed. Once it’s been created and built out, your Google Merchant Center account will be reviewed on a regular basis. If, during one of these regular reviews, Google finds product data ... See Details


Link: https://wordstream-files-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/s3fs-public/documents/compete_in_adwords.pdf

FREEGoogle AdWords takes the word “competitive” to new heights. This fluid auction, fired off whenever someone performs a Google search, provides a platform for advertisers to compete . for attention, clicks, traffic, and conversions — in short, for customers. Too often, however, PPC managers see the need to be competitive as a kneejerk cue ... ... See Details

GUIDE Hacking Adwords - Amazon Web Services

Link: https://wordstream-files-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/s3fs-public/documents/hacking_adwords.pdf

FREETopping everything else off, this business is following 100% of our top PPC best practices: You can tell by the 90-day history that this advertiser consistently works to optimize the account. This is the key to high Quality Scores and ongoing results. ... See Details

PPC 101: A Beginner’s Guide to PPC

Link: https://wordstream-files-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/s3fs-public/documents/ppc_101_final.pdf

FREE• Review Costly PPC Keywords: under-performing keywords and shut them off if necessary. PPC 101: A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO PPC 8 • Refine Landing Pages: Modify the content and calls-to-action (CTAs) of your landing pages to align with individual search queries in order to boost conversion rates. Don’t send all your ... See Details


Link: https://wordstream-files-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/s3fs-public/documents/account-structure-guide.pdf

FREEwhen building out your account. If you’re completely new to AdWords, start off by creating an account. This part should be pretty self-explanatory, but follow this blog post if you need assistance. WordStream users take note – you can build out … ... See Details


Link: https://wordstream-files-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/s3fs-public/documents/69_marketing_ideas.pdf

FREE69 CREATIVE MARKETING IDEAS . TO BOOST YOUR BUSINESS. We’ve all hit it — that wall that seems to sap away all your creative marketing juices. Suddenly you feel like Peter Pan without his pixie dust. ... See Details

Soccer 2022 Live Stream

Link: https://live-soccer.s3.amazonaws.com/index.html

FREEWe takes your privacy seriously. This privacy policy describes what personal information we collect and how we use it. Routine Information Collection: All web servers track basic information about their visitors. ... See Details

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