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'It is not safe': Covid-19-related staff absences jump 60%


FREEJan 07, 2022 · The number of NHS staff off work due to Covid-19 has risen by almost 60% in the past week, latest figures have revealed. The news comes as the government confirms 200 armed forces personnel have been made available to support the NHS in London because of staff shortages worsened by the Omicron ... ... See Details

Nursing Times survey reveals extent of Covid-19 …


FREEFeb 03, 2021 · Almost 100,000 people were off work as of 6 January; of those, nearly half were related to coronavirus. In our survey, 65% of respondents thought staffing levels were the worst they had been since October and a further 30% reported the situation was the same now as during the last few months. Just 5% said staffing levels were getting better. ... See Details

Manual handling 4 - using a sling hoist | Nursing Times


FREEJan 23, 2009 · If using a sling hoist, do not have the hoist brakes on when hoisting, except when hoisting a patient on a sloped surface or from the floor. The hoist will balance and find its own centre of gravity when the brakes are off. Do not hoist patients from an angle. This may cause the hoist to tilt, especially if the patient’s weight is close ... See Details

How to manage the staff duty roster | Nursing Times


FREEMar 22, 2007 · The time and effort involved in completing the off duty will vary from person to person - but as a novice you should expect it to take many hours. Be sure to have all the information you require, such as requests, patterns and financial information, before you start and, where possible, arrange in advance some undisturbed time - preferably ... ... See Details

Urinary catheters 6: removing an indwelling urinary


FREEMay 15, 2017 · Place the paper towel under the patient and a kidney dish between the patient’s legs to receive the used catheter and to catch any urine spillage. If necessary, clean around the meatus and catheter using an appropriate solution (usually 0.9% … ... See Details

Infection control 3: use of disposable gloves and aprons


FREEJun 24, 2019 · Pull off the glove, turning it inside out with the first glove inside (Fig 2c). Dispose of the gloves in a clinical waste bin or, if contaminated with blood or bodily fluids, into a hazardous waste bin. Perform hand hygiene. Source: Peter Lamb. Aprons. ... See Details

Recognising and responding to acute illness in hospital


FREEOct 07, 2007 · It should define the parameters to be measured and the frequency of observations, and should include an explicit statement of the parameters, cut-off points or scores that should trigger a response - although a response can be triggered by clinical concern even if observation measurements do not require one. ... See Details

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