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Comatose Fall Guy – “Message of Deliverance” – is an


FREEHe is more likely to fire off complex and philosophical verbiage than to just talk about what he seems to be talking about on the surface. Right from the beginning “Message of Deliverance” is an album about states of mind, and about the desperate … ... See Details

Kevin Riady – “Marco” delivers yet another record of


FREEJul 03, 2021 · Kevin Riady is a brilliant master at marrying crystal clear sonics with unblinking introspection and not coming off preachy or pitiful. Here he appears to be performing at the peak of his songwriting powers and emotional honesty. ... See Details

DeadXDying – “False Hope” shows no fear of unravelling his


FREEJan 02, 2022 · The opening title track, “False Hope”, kicks things off with an unnerving instrumentals topped off with rumbling bass, percussive kicks and shimmering guitars which lay the foundation for DeadXDying’s cutthroat vocals. ... See Details

Mega Sean and Mz Tulip – “The Rise Of M Pt 1 & 2” flips


FREEJul 05, 2021 · Mz. Tulip leads off with a glorious vocal between singing and rapping before Mega Sean steps into the mix, effortlessly meshing their voices over a template that becomes a quiet storm. “Ladies Anthem” is album’s the lead single, and its more complex and urgent urban stylings features Fat Joe, Alicia Cinnamon and Mega Sean. This is a big ... ... See Details

Social Distance – “I’m Outside Your House” hits like a ton


FREEJan 17, 2022 · It brings us plenty of nostalgia for the good old days, and the fact that Social Distance are heading off in a completely different musical direction to the rest of musical world right now, is to be celebrated. A duration of 2 minutes and forty-one seconds, which contains a runaway rhythm, gut busting guitars and thrashing drums, preserves the ... ... See Details

Baltimore rocker, and guitar ace, EH relaunches ‘Barracuda


FREEJun 22, 2021 · He recently came off from doing a magnificent job with the Judas Priest classic “Living After Midnight”, which also featured bona-fide former Priest vocalist, Tim “Ripper” Owens. The aggressiveness of the music and the lyrics make ‘Barracuda’ a powerhouse, as the opening lines lays down the gauntlet: “So this ain’t the end, I ... ... See Details

Lisa Orlando – “Last Night of My Life” exploits her vocal


FREEOct 08, 2021 · Right off the cuff, on the thumping opening track, entitled “Your Love”, you get the feeling that Lisa Orlando prefers to appear unthreatening and relatable rather than demand undivided attention and total adoration, like so many of her wannabe female contemporaries. ... See Details

Secc8Sepp – “Vibe or Die” – taking rap into uncharted


FREEJul 08, 2021 · Secc8Sepp, formerly of Team Obscene, is a recent breakout solo artist that makes all his own beats, does all his own editing in 100% DIY multi-genre inspired hip-hop, focused on bringing the sounds of the future to right now.“Vibe or Die” is a 3 part self-produced album releasing a week at a time in July. Right off the bat, the record captures the haphazard, … ... See Details

Howie Spitts – “Frozen Love, Pt.1” shows him to be a


FREEDec 19, 2021 · The recording kicks off with “HER”. A spacey, futuristic track, with glistening keys, gently throbbing percussion and Howie Spitts’ heart-melting baritone. Spitts shows himself to be a formidable talent, exhibiting carefully tailored rhymes, sweeping vocal melody, and instrumental passages that give this song an exhilarating unpredictability. ... See Details

Franco Esteve – “Apocalypse: The Doll Chronicles (Original)


FREEAug 10, 2021 · His ability to pull this off across 11 tracks never dulls or wavers. From “Apocalypse” to “The Space Between”, and “The Beyond (End Titles)” to “The Passage (Trailer Version)” the haunting melodies and atmospheres will hold you attention scrupulously as it gradually magnifies in darkness and urgency. Moving forward the plot ... ... See Details

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