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wholesale light bulbs


FREEIt's activated simply by switching your light on and off twice and is deactivated by turning the light off for ten seconds. The bulb is guaranteed to last 2000 hours, which is twice as long as a regular 60-watt light bulb. ... See Details

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FREEENERGY STAR qualified CFLs and lighting products typically are up to 75 percent more efficient than standard products but give off the same light output and last up to 10 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs. A CFL used an average of four hours a day will not need to be changed for about five years. ... See Details

Modern Lights – Replace Existing Technology


FREEA high percentage of the energy used is given off as light making this technology one of the modern efficient improvements in lighting technology. LED’s are used in many applications, especially in illumination of instrument panels. New techniques are looking at clusters of LED’s to provide brighter light and illumination to work areas. ... See Details

Emergency Light Bulbs – Save Lives


FREESome models of lighting that fall into this category are disaster lights that will flash when activated by turning them on and off twice. A flashing emergency light bulb that stands out like a beacon during a crisis or disaster can aid response teams and provide illumination of … ... See Details

specialty light bulbs


FREEA handy utility outlet for small appliances and an easy to use off/on rocker switch are all part of the product. "This is a light that is helpful and essential because you always can locate a charged flashlight in any emergency situation," says Brandes, "Additionally, LITEFORCE is also attractive and useful for daily use." ... See Details

12 volt light bulbs


FREEIf wire protrusions are detected, consumers can repair the defect by cutting as much of the protruding wire off as possible. •Check each light bulb for excessive or irregular solder at the bottom and side of each bulb base which may prevent complete insertion of the bulb into the socket. If this condition is found, the bulb should not be used. ... See Details

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