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Overcoming Procrastination - Coaching For Change


FREEIf procrastination is a problem for you, it is important that you learn tools to handle your procrastination. Procrastination occurs when we are faced with too many decisions and are unable to complete matters of importance. "Procrastination is putting off until tomorrow what needs to be done today". Knowing the reasons we are putting off doing ... ... See Details

Solo Lawyers Value Freedom by Lawyer Coach and …


FREEEspecially in the early years of going out on your own, the amount of leisure or time off is curtailed by the large amount of time required to do all the things necessary to manage and grow your practice. The sense of satisfaction from practicing as a solo (or in a large firm) comes from being in alignment with your core or important values. ... See Details

Law Practice Tips -- Archive Tips 151 - 200


FREERather than avoiding or putting off discussing the cost of your services with your clients, use the discussions to help learn how important the legal matter is to them. It's best to find out how much money they're willing to allocate to the matter before you start the work. ... See Details

Law Practice Tips -- Archive Tip 1 - 50


FREEFor a lot of lawyers taking time off is not easy. One thing that makes it easier is to plan for it. Time off includes: A Two or three week vacation A 4 day break A weekend away Days off during the week Half days off during the week Block the time off in your calendar, tell people you will be away - really commit to the time off. Tip #48 ... See Details

Seven Reasons Why Lawyers Hire a Lawyer Coach


FREEThere are many other reasons lawyers hire coaches including: to prepare for retirement, to get off a derailment path, to implement strategic plans, and so on. The bottom line is that a trained coach can assist them to get beyond their barriers and limitations. Irene Leonard is a lawyer and business and personal coach. ... See Details

How Much Fun Are You Having?


FREEFor Cindy, fun was taking a day off each month to do whatever she wanted, such as go for a hike, visit a museum, go shopping or do some gardening. She took a … ... See Details

Law Practice Presentation Papers, Marketing, Time


FREEDon't let slip ups throw you off course - notice you've faltered and get back to your time management plan. Increase your level of self-confidence so you trust your judgment. Let go of perfectionism. The Art of Effective Questioning When clients are listened to they feel understood and are more trusting of you. Effective listening is a skill ... ... See Details

To Be or Not to Be . . . Coached: A Profile of Coach Irene


FREEThis month we start off with a piece on Irene Leonard, who, after a long and successful lawyering career, be-came a coach, which I gather is a sort of feng shui advisor for careers. Writer Mar Sulaika Ochs lets Leonard — and some of her clients … ... See Details

Working with a Lawyer Coach results in effective


FREEIt may seem inconsistent, but working with a coach is a proactive step to save time. Although a client may add 30 to 60 minutes a week to an already full schedule, the time spent off in big dividends. Professionals, use lack of time as an excuse not to do what they want to do. ... See Details

Lawyers And Leisure: An Oxymoron? - Coaching For Change


FREEWorry about taking time off because it will be hard to get back into the high pressure groove of their practice. Generally do not give themselves high satisfaction levels on fun and recreation. Fill their time with pursuits which include work, marketing, volunteering, - or … ... See Details

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