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FREEFor the Love of Live Oaks. Out and About. Treaty Oak Estimated between 500-600 years old, the Treaty Oak is one of Austin’s oldest and most famous trees located in Treaty Oak Park. Back in 1989, the Treaty Oak was poisoned by a disgruntled feed store employee and the historic tree nearly perished. ... See Details

COVID-19 Resource and Activities | Austin Family Magazine


FREEAvoid listening to news 24-7. Stay informed, but you need to turn it off at some point. Make a schedule, listen to in morning, and again at night, or maybe once a day at noon. Many Professionals Offer Phone or Video Consultation. ... See Details

Combatting Negative Effects of Screen Time | Austin Family


FREETurn off or pause the TV. Be sure to engage all family members in conversation. Mealtimes can provide an opportunity for nurturing and building a positive relationship with your child. Alternative activities. Suggest alternative activities to replace screen time. Help your child break the habit of picking up a device at every opportunity. One ... ... See Details

Mastering Mealtime | Austin Family Magazine


FREETake a Night Off – Add a “Night Out” to your meal plan once in a while to treat yourself and your family. Even better, look for “Kids Eat Free” nights at your favorite restaurants. Make It Fun – Get the kids involved in meal planning and food prep. Most importantly, enjoy mealtime together. ... See Details

AISD Special Needs Recreation & Camp Guide | Austin …


FREEOffering Open Play, Break Time drop off, Arts & Crafts, a Teen Zone, trampoline, climbing structures, a space themed calming room for meltdowns, classes, birthday parties & CAMPS! Camp includes both neurotypical campers as well as those with Special Abilities. Campers are given a daily pep talk on inclusion and acceptance of ALL peers. 1:1 ... ... See Details

Five bedtime mistakes | Austin Family Magazine


FREEBy Malia Jacobson Does the word “bedtime” conjure up images of sleepy pajama-clad children, snuggling under the covers and peacefully drifting off to dreamland? Or does your mind immediately turn to the whining, tantrums, endless requests and power struggles that make up your child’s nigh ... ... See Details

The Many Advantages of Dual Language Programs | Austin


FREEI was tempted to write these findings off, assuming high school students who had enrolled in a second language were perhaps more likely to challenge themselves, but the study compared students of equal academic ability. Also surprising to me was the news that a child’s English awareness can likewise benefit from learning another language. ... See Details

5 Reasons for Childhood Sunburn (and How to Prevent …)


FREELain cautions not to pick off the peeling, dry skin. This can lead to scarring or infection. The NSAIDS group of over-the-counter drugs (such as Tylenol, Advil or Aleve) can help reduce swelling. Remember that Advil or Aleve can cause sun sensitivity, so keep your child out of the sun any time she is taking either of these products. ... ... See Details

Austinite Trevor Romain is a best selling children’s


FREEKids are fearful that if they go and report, the bully will come after them, which does happen. Oftentimes, the teacher will storm off—or the dad or the mom—and go take care of business right away, which does not help. It makes it worse. So [we need] to be able to give them avenues to be able to report, easily and comfortably and safely. ... See Details

Can Technology Solve Your Mosquito Problem This Year


FREEBut those are all wrong and off by hundreds of thousands of deaths. Shockingly, the mighty mosquito is the top killer, claiming the lives of more than 1 million people per year, mostly by malaria, according to the World Health Organization. Some reports put the death rate at nearly 3 million per year. It’s truly awful. ... See Details

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