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Eat More Tomorrow: Nutrition Through the Lens of Mental


FREEMay 31, 2019 · We would all be better off eating mostly vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds, beans and lentils, whole grains, and plain water to address our thirst- with or without additions of anything else. Adding fish and seafood might make the overall diet better for some, but it might not. The same goes for modest additions of dairy, poultry, eggs, and ... ... See Details

Don Norman's "The Design of Everyday Things": Book Review


FREEAn analogy is investing: in the literal sense, making forecasts and modeling a company’s future is relatively straightforward (you can just work off a template). Yet so much more time is spent on training people how to do this rather than how to think about what inputs are reasonable and will lead to successful results. ... See Details

Local vs. Global Optimization Mental Model - Poor Ash's


FREEThe problem is that after the fact, if it pays off, the boss may, thanks to hindsight bias / flawed memory, believe it was a bad decision all along (because it didn’t work)… and therefore punish the executive who made the decision. ... See Details

Scientific Thinking / Overconfidence / Intellectual


FREEBut nevermind that we occasionally cut people off or don’t let people merge: it’s those other drivers who are the problem! This sort of thinking is so prevalent that psychologists have a formal name for it: fundamental attribution error, which basically … ... See Details

"The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin": Book Review


FREEThe autobiography cuts off sharply (unfinished), leaving the reader wanting more… there was a lot of wisdom in a very short book. First Read: summer 2017. Last Read: summer 2017. Number of Times Read: 2 . Review Date: summer 2017. Notes Date: summer 2017 ... See Details

Laurence Gonzales's "Deep Survival": Book Review, Notes


FREEReading Tips: Skim/skip any sections where Gonzales wanders off the scientific/analytical path into philosophy or metaphysics or overwrought metaphor; “Zen” should be treated as a codeword for “skim until Gonzales returns to reality.” But that’s a small price to pay, because this book is really, really good other than that. ... See Details

Zero-Sum vs. Win-Win Games Mental Model (Arms Races)


FREEThis pays off in the long-term – TCS had the support of its vendors through the very challenging 2008-2009 downturn, and vendors will even make win-win decisions like colocating facilities that they would never make for another company. ... See Details

Ian Leslie's "Curious": Book Review, Notes + Analysis


FREELeslie also differentiates between simple “diversive” curiosity – attraction to everything novel (the phenomenon Buzzfeed/Twitter plays off) – vs. deeper “epistemic” curiosity, a “quest for knowledge and understanding.”. He also mentions empathic ” curiosity – a “genuine” attempt to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. ... See Details

Shawn Achor's "Before Happiness": Book Review, Notes


FREEThey couldn’t tear their eyes off their mobile Bloomberg screens on their phones. They were griping about minutiae about the decor, or their rooms. They were clearly sleep-deprived, burned out by stress, and it wouldn’t have surprised me if a … ... See Details

Richard Feynman's "The Pleasure of Finding Things Out


FREE“The original reason to start the project, which was that the Germans were a danger, started me off on a process of action[…] at Los Alamos, to try to make the bomb work. […] It was a project on which we all worked very, very hard, all cooperating together. ... See Details

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