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Site Description : Clear cloudy aquarium water & remove aquarium nitrate with Algone. Algone is the most popular aquarium maintenance supplement available.

How to recognize if your aquarium is out of balance


FREEHere are a few things to watch for: Fish hover at the bottom of the aquarium with little or no movement. Red gills may also be observed. This may indicate that ammonia is present and possibly at lethal levels. If your fish can be seen gasping for air at the aquarium’s surface, this is generally associated with high nitrite and nitrite poisoning. ... See Details

The importance of oxygen in the aquarium - Algone


FREEBasically everything that dies off or decays in the aquarium requires and therefore depletes oxygen. Unhealthy or dead plants, decaying live rock and live sand, and uneaten food just to name a few. Organic acids, proteins, and carbohydrates can also reduce the … ... See Details

Vacation tips for the aquarium owner


FREELabel small plastic bags and prepare the daily amount of fish food. Also advise your helper not to make up a feeding if a day is skipped. Prepare ready to use top off water, demonstrate the doses of supplements (calcium/ fertilizer etc. if used), and point out how to reset circuit breakers. Also inform to remove dead fish immediately, just in case. ... See Details

The Dutch style aquarium - Algone


FREEAn off center piece in the center third for example, flanked by a raised substrate towards the back creates a flowing hillside aquascape. Large stem plants in the back third create depth and contrast, so does color variations in the center third. Grouping Individual Plant Species. ... See Details

Aquarium plant health guide - Algone


FREEPlants will stop growing and die off if the water is to cold. Higher temperatures will result in smaller leaves and larger gaps between these leaves. Lighting. Light is essential for photosynthesis. Not enough wattage or aging bulbs will stun the plant growth. Plants look weak with small pale green leaves. Plants closer to the light will be ... ... See Details

Worms in the aquarium - Algone


FREESince they attach themselves to the fish, the best method of removal is a bath in a salt solution for 20 minutes (dosage 2.5 % salt to water). During the bath, most of the leeches will simply fall off; the ones remaining can be removed with a pair of tweezers. Copper sulfate has been used to successfully remove and control less harmful worms. ... See Details

Green aquarium water, a free-floating algae bloom


FREEPlankton is the base of the food chain. Green water causing algae are referred to as phytoplankton (microscopic plants/animals) that photosynthesize. Zooplanktons are microscopic animals that feed off the phytoplankton, linking the primary producers to the higher trophic levels. ... See Details

Choosing the Right Aquarium Fish Food -


FREEThese are species-specific, off-the-shelf, ready-to-serve choices covering the basic nutritional requirements. Frozen Foods. The freezer section of the pet store holds a wide variety of frozen treats. Starting from frozen shrimp, bloodworms, plankton, prawn, krill, beef heart, mussels, etc. They’re usually available in special or variety packs. ... See Details

What causes cloudy aquarium water? - Algone


FREETurning off the lights will not eliminate the problem, therefore this is an ineffective solution as the problem persists. Algae consumes oxygen at night during photosynthesis. A severe algae bloom can deplete the tank of oxygen, therefore adequate oxygenation during the lights-off period is vital. Decaying organic matter creates phosphate ... ... See Details

What cause cloudy white aquarium water? - Algone


FREEMilky-white, cloudy aquarium water is often just temporary. Poorly rinsed gravel in a new aquarium can cause white cloudiness. Restarting the filters after a shutdown can cause debris and tiny air bubbles to create a white haze. Adding supplements such as bacteria, pH adjusters, or calcium can also create a temporary milky white haze in the water. ... See Details

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