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Arsenal SLR104, 4000rds Later - AK Operators Union, Local

Link: https://www.akoperatorsunionlocal4774.com/2017/02/arsenal-slr104-4000rds-later/

FREEFeb 05, 2017 · 1)With the dust cover off, pull the trigger and let the hammer fly forward. 2) When the hammer is about 1/2 inch away from the firing pin, the hammer sear starts to scrape the bottom of the recoil spring. ... See Details

Don't Buy Junk AKs! - AK Operators Union, Local 47-74

Link: https://www.akoperatorsunionlocal4774.com/2014/10/dont-buy-junk-aks/

FREEOct 02, 2014 · Trunnions were so out of spec both a Russian and Bulgarian dust cover would blow off the rifle on the first shot, and the lands and grooves were cut short. Ugh. Reply. Graham Baates says: October 2, 2014 at 10:20 am Thank you for a great post. What can we look for without taking one fully apart? Of my AKs two were from companies with bad wraps ... ... See Details

I don't hate RAS47! - AK Operators Union, Local 47-74

Link: https://www.akoperatorsunionlocal4774.com/2017/03/dont-hate-ras47/

FREEMar 05, 2017 · First off wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your videos, wonderful product info, thank you To the point, I purchased a early RAS47 SN 137XX, there is no “X” on the bolt carrier. Have only shot 250 rounds, only issue is bolt carrier tail is starting to mushroom. ... See Details

AK Safety Lever User Guide - AK Operators Union, Local 47-74

Link: https://www.akoperatorsunionlocal4774.com/2016/01/ak-safety-lever-user-guide/

FREEJan 17, 2016 · The charge handle hits the safety, the slant / round front deflects down, and then the charge handle finishes the lowering of the safety. Not a big mod, but adds some functionality. One can also cut a notch like the krebs to hold the bolt open. The notch is helpful for a index finger placement actuating the safety. ... See Details

Riley Defense AK47 - Broken Hope - AK Operators Union

Link: https://www.akoperatorsunionlocal4774.com/2018/02/riley-defense-ak47-broken-hope/

FREEFeb 18, 2018 · Selling my Saiga-12 to start things off, not sure what I’ll keep at this point. Reply. Hector says: February 21, 2018 at 2:37 am Sir, please don’t give up on the AK’s, they really are more reliable. You just have to find a good foreign model. The new 12’s & 15’s are not available in the U.S either but consider their origins. ... See Details

Blog - AK Operators Union, Local 47-74

Link: https://www.akoperatorsunionlocal4774.com/blog/

FREEWell, kind off…:-) Dead Air Wolverine makes Rob talk about Socialism…#HistoyWithRob ZPAP92 Rocks (in 7.62×39)!Support AKOU, shop at AKOU store! AK Master Mount – Awesome Optic Mount? Does it HOLD ZERO? 19/12/19 at 6.39am / by Rob Ski / 0 Comment. AK Master Mount guys made something really cool – budget minded and robust AK optic mount! ... ... See Details

BAD and GOOD - RAS47 Review - American made AK under the

Link: https://www.akoperatorsunionlocal4774.com/2015/04/bad-and-good-ras47-review-american-made-ak-under-the-pressure/

FREEApr 22, 2015 · We are kicking off 2015 season with review of Century Arms RAS47 – this is their stamped receiver version, modeled on AK rifles. Our testing has evolved for this season. Sand test is a setup for failure – EVERY rifle will fail. We just want to see how far every test subject can be take it with this. RAS47 best score was 3 rounds down the range. ... See Details

RAS47 5000rds Later - Game Over! - AK Operators Union

Link: https://www.akoperatorsunionlocal4774.com/2016/04/ras47-5000rds-later-game/

FREEApr 22, 2016 · I just strip the remains of the old finish off with sandpaper and give it a good wipe down with mineral oil and they look fantastic. Or if you want you can stain and recoat with varnish to your liking. Reply. Armagh says: April 22, 2016 at 12:27 pm Rob, ... See Details

AKs with Cast Trunnions Drama - AK47 Reviews

Link: https://www.akoperatorsunionlocal4774.com/2015/10/aks-with-cast-trunnions-drama/

FREEOct 13, 2015 · The only videos I seen on C39 Centurion Sporter, was the one about the sight falling off, and bolt carrier group hanging half way, and the one when you were dragging around the gun. Do you think the crappy chothes hanger type recoil spring on this gun might be why you were getting unusual wear on bolt and carrier, since it puts upwards ... ... See Details

More troubles for Arsenal SLR 107 FR - AK Operators Union

Link: https://www.akoperatorsunionlocal4774.com/2016/05/troubles-arsenal-slr-107-fr/

FREEMay 02, 2016 · My front sight tower is not at 12oclock, it’s off to the left. But long it hits where you aim it’s considered good to go. I dont give a damn what people claim about these “top of the line” AKM’s, for a $1000 bucks I was expecting quality work. My Hungarian DDI has better quality…. ... See Details

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